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Innocent Starter

Welcome to my blog!

The current title of my blog refers to XKCD – I might well change it later, depending on how I feel.

I’m going to be using this blog to write about whatever I feel like, while keeping the personal stuff to a minimum. If I go abroad and take some awesome photos, then you’ll all get to know about it. If I’m feeling confused due to girl trouble, then you won’t. This isn’t (my) LiveJournal!

Some subjects that I plan to write about are:

  • Anime, both reviews of shows that I’m watching and spotlights on various creators
  • Games – mostly Japanese ones, I expect
  • Technology – what I’m using, what I’m wanting
  • Programming – anything interesting that I’ve learnt or made
  • Politics – thoughts about various issues
  • Books – what I’m reading
  • ..whatever else takes my fancy!

I make no promises about any of this actually coming to pass. Check my blog every now and again and you might get a surprise!

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