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Website finally live!

After quite a lot of tweaking, I’ve finally uploaded my styled website to my main domain. The site now uses PHP, CSS and HTML 4.01 Strict. The whole thing validates, and I’ve put those little W3C validator buttons on there as proof. Also, they make it a lot easier for me to check whether a page validates or not!


I’ve also released a new program! If you check in the ‘Code’ section, you’ll find a C++ wordcount program for Windows. Having used Linux for three years at university, I got used to certain features that I wasn’t happy to live without. Wordcount is one of those! It was good C++ practice, and it taught me qute a few useful things.


In other news, I created a web questionnaire for the <a href=””>Fen Line Users Association</a>, whose website I maintain. The questionnaire hasn’t gone live yet, but it will before too much longer. It takes people’s answers, escapes any control characters then dumps them in a MySQL database. It’s not exactly a perfect use of a database, but it taught me about using PHP with MySQL, two parts of LAMP. I have no idea whether they’re using Apache on Linux, though, but it was cool all the same.

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It’s been about a month since my last exam. I think. Time has gone either quickly or slowly. I’m not really sure anymore. It seems a long time ago, but if I think about it – or check my diary, which I just did – then it’s been just under four weeks.


I’ve been learning some CSS recently. I did have a web technologies course in my first year, but it wasn’t very good. The normal lecturer didn’t take the course, for some reason, and the lecturer who ended up teaching the course had about two days notice to learn the material. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed her lectures, but it somewhat put me off the whole ‘web’ thing 😉

Point is, I now have some basic CSS knowledge to go with my basic PHP and HTML knowledge. I have used this knowledge to upgrade my website. I’m not sure that everything is working yet, so I’ve put it up on a subdomain – Once I’m awake enough to give it a proper test (that’d be after I’ve slept, I would think) I’ll finally upload it to the main domain.

The site is still rather lacking in content, but, darnit, it’s finally got some style!