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“We’re always talking about wanting to make a webcomic – why don’t we actually make one?”

“Yeah, alright…”


So I’m now making a webcomic with my sister. I’m not going to link to it from here, since this is meant to be my more professional blog, but I want to briefly talk about it. I just spent a few hours hacking together a website for the comic using PHP, along with an upload page and a mini-blog for each individual comic. I’ve learnt how to do a few new things in PHP that I’ve never needed to do before, so I’d say that it was a productive evening.

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The mistakes of one’s youth…

So I decided to stalk myself for a few minutes and see what I could find.

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Online stalking

Recently I got called a stalker by someone I know at work. They changed their mind a minute later, but even so I feel the need to point out how easy it can be to go from only having a small bit of personal information to having quite a bit.

Some people might consider this a bit of a creepy post – it’s not intended to be at all. It’s merely meant to show that you should be careful with your personal information. Also, that putting someone’s name into Google and following the obvious trail of results is not stalking 🙂

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Wait, what?

I’m deleting three months of spam comments at the moment.

I’m pretty sure I just deleted one entitled “Indian Herpes Dating”.

Who would want such a thing?! Is there even a target audience for such spam?


Where have you been, Brian?

It’s been far too long since I last wrote anything here. Let me give you a quick summary of what I’ve been up for the last few months…

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