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SquirrelMail filters

Do you use SquirrelMail as your webmail client?  I do.  Recently I signed up to a mailing list that generates about a hundred e-mails a day.  Tired of having to manually clean my inbox, I decided to set up a mail filter to do it for me.  Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, you need to log into your Mailbox Manager.  This is seperate from the SquirrelMail site, and, for Dreamhost account, can be found at  The SquirrelMail login page links to it for me, but your milage may vary.

Once in the Mailbox Manager, you need to set up two mail filters.  Why two, you ask?  Simple.  One rule to move the messages to where you want them and a second rule to delete the messages from your inbox.  Wait, wait – move and then delete?  For some reason, SquirrelMail treats “move” as “copy”.  When you add a new rule you can choose the “Move it to folder” option.  Back in the Mailbox Manager this rule appears as “copy emails”, though, which I didn’t pick up on for a few days.  No wonder it didn’t work!

Oh, and your first rule needs to be set as “execute and continue” and your second one as “execute and stop.”  The first rule needs to be set like that to ensure that the second rule is actually run after copying the e-mails.  The second rule has to be set like that – you aren’t allowed to delete and e-mail and then carry on running filters on it 🙂

One final thing – when you specify the folder to move the e-mail to you don’t need to give the full path if it’s a subfolder of inbox.  E.g, if your target is Inbox->MyFolder, then just write “MyFolder”.  If your target is Inbox->MyFolder->MyOtherFolder, then you need to write “MyFolder.MyOtherFolder”.  Entering “Inbox.MyFolder” will create a folder with the path Inbox->Inbox->MyFolder.

The Mailbox Manager tells you that the folder needs to exist before the filters can move messages to it, but the existence of Inbox->Inbox->MyFolder on my system rather proves that wrong…


Bring to front

Have you ever “lost” a window?  You click on it on the taskbar but it won’t reappear.  You have no choice but to kill the program, losing anything that you hadn’t saved.

Well, here’s a tip for you – bring up the Task Manager (press ctrl+shift+esc, right click on the taskbar and click “Task Manager” or press ctrl+alt+del followed by t), navigate to the Applications tab, right click on the program that you can’t bring up and click “Bring To Front.” No more losing a half-written email before you save it!  No more losing your work. I hope that this saves you some time and frustration. Sorted!

From my experience, this problem generally happens when you minimise a window just before it pops up a dialog box.  Using the task bar won’t restore the application as it can’t change its window state until you’ve responded to the dialog.  Shame you can’t actually see the dialog box…

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