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Google’s tax avoidance means that I won’t be buying a Nexus 7

I was all geared up to buy a Nexus 7 after Christmas.  By pooling my birthday money and Christmas money, I figured that I could afford a treat.  I’m not going to do that now, though. Here’s why.

I pay tax. The government take a large cut of everything I earn. They use it to fund hospitals, universities, schools, roads, railways and the military. I don’t like everything they spend it on, but I don’t have a choice. Whether you’re a business or an individual, you pay tax. There are pays of avoiding it, of course, but only the extremely wealthy can afford to do this. That’s right, the ones who should be contributing the most are the only ones getting out of it. So much for ‘don’t be evil’ – Google think they’re above the rest of us.

“It’s called capitalism,” [Google CEO Eric Schmidt] said. “We are proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this.”

You operate and profit in my country but don’t pay for the public services that you use. In return, I’m not going to buy your shiny new products. You can’t complain, Eric – it’s just capitalism, isn’t it?


Changing the Tomcat heap size under Ubuntu

I always forget this, so I’m going to write it here for future reference.

Let’s assume you have an Ubuntu server.  And you want to run Tomcat on it.  So you install it via apt-get install tomcat7.  As soon as you try deploying anything beyond the most trivial of webapps to it, you’re going to have “out of heap space” exceptions in your catalina.out log file – which, incidentally, will be in /var/lib/tomcat7/logs/

To increase the heap size, edit /etc/defaults/tomcat7 – this is where the JAVA_OPTS variable is defined.


A writer in my mind

I bike to work every morning.  I bike home every evening.  As I pedal through the fog and rain, I think about happier things.  I think about writing.

I’m not sure how many half-articles I have in my mind right now.  A rough count puts the number at way over ten.  I need to start writing these down.  Typing them into the Internet.  I need to… but I don’t.  I think about them twice daily, and then forget about them when I get home.

Let’s see if I can change this (ahem) cycle of not blogging.