To Heart

In the last week I have watched all of ToHeart and ToHeart ~remember my memories~. This is my mini review of the two series.

ToHeart was brilliant. The art style was simply lovely. The story could be summarised as “a group of friends get to know some people with problems. The problems are easily solved in a single episode, generally.” The series was slow paced, but in a nice, calm way, rather than a boring way.

The sequel, ToHeart ~remember my memories~, was produced five years later than the first season. It shows. The lovely watercolor art style has been replaced by a style that I’m not fond of. There are various inconsistencies between the two series. There are reasons behind the changes, but I’m not going to go into them right now. As someone who hasn’t played the game that both series are based on, it doesn’t matter much to me about how they were taking the second series closer to the original or whatever.

The story in ~remember my memories~ totally made up for it’s various problems. Rather than each episode focusing on a different character, the series was divided into mini-arcs. For example, Aoi-chan the extreme fighter got a few episodes about her finally beating her rival, Ayaka, in a tournament. The main part of the plot was about the relationship between Hiroyuki, the main character, Akari, his childhood friend and Multi, an experimental maid robot. As Hiroyuki gets closer and closer to Multi, Akari starts to think that he doesn’t care about her at all. She had always assumed that her and Hiroyuki would end up getting married, but had never done anything to express her feelings to Hiroyuki. She eventually voices her frustrations to Multi, which causes a bug in her emotion programming to surface. An infinite loop shows up, causing her to lose higher-level functionality and start wandering the town aimlessly. Thankfully, Multi is eventually rescued and the love-triangle resolved. Hiroyuki proposes to Akari, and then goes to university to study Robotics Engineering and learn how to fix Multi. (He basically becomes a Computer Scientist…) Several years down the line, we are shown a more grown-up Hiroyuki and Akari finally reactivating Multi, after she had been repaired.

Hiroyuki, you lucky, lucky guy. Not only do you become the kind of Computer Scientist who gets to wear a labcoat, but you get both of the girls.

After finishing ~remember my memories~, I actually went and tried on my old labcoat. I wonder whether programming would feel any different if I wore it…


I’ve now started watching To Heart 2. Much as I like it, the third episode left me somewhat distracted. Three of the characters started talking about barcodes, which made me start thinking about how you would encode them. I missed a good minute or so before I remembered what I was meant to be doing! Later, a stray Japanese word I caught left that darn Danjou song in my head OTL.

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