I’m starting to really like vim

Vi.  Vim.  You know the program I’m talking about.  You probably remember your first experience with it.  I do.  I couldn’t’t figure out how to get out of it.  Esc didn’t seem to work, control-c did nothing… I was trapped in a text editor from 1970!  Pure hell!

I’ve recently been working on headless Linux servers a lot.  Vi seemed like the best option for editing the endless scripts and config files.  It’s on every server, no matter the age (but the older ones don’t have the pretty colours) and you don’t need a mouse to use it, so it’s fine for working over ssh.

That’s a really big thing, actually.  Not needing a mouse.  It really speeds things up.  I can select text, cut, copy and paste, delete entire lines, find, replace and repeat what I just typed… All without moving my hands off the keyboard.

It’s kinda scary just how powerful it is, really.  The learning curve is painful, bit totally worth it.  I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic in a few months once I’ve got better at vi!

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